Royal Canin Persian Adult – 400 Gms

Royal Canin Persian Adult – 400 Gms


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Royal Canin Persian 30 Adult 400 gms

Your prized Persian cats look beautiful because of the luxurious undercoat of hair. It is the pride of your cat. The Royal Canin Persian 30 0.4kg pack for adult has been specially formulated for all your dogs and helps to maintain the general health and coat of your adult cats.

The 0.4kg Royal Canin pack has been specially formulated food is effective mix of Omega 3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA, which are known to develop the nerve cells, while maintaining the luster of your pet’s coat. The food is an effective combination of specific fibers that will helps in providing stimulation to the intestinal transit and help to reduce all hairball issues in your Persian cat. The kibble size is specially sized as an almond to ensure easy usage of the underside of the tongue to pick the food and chew as required in a brachycephalic jaw.

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