Scoop able cat litter odour lock 12 kg


Scoop able cat litter odour lock 12 kg

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Odour Lock clumping cat litter is made of the highest quality of clay
Excellent absorption rate, low dust, virtually no tracking. It is gentle and comfortable for your cat
For your exclusive cat
Ultra absorbency
Optimal odors absorbency
Economical to use on a daily basis
Safe for your pet
Easy to clean and maintain
Smart Odour Shield:

This will help to prevent the formation of ammonia by stopping the action of an enzyme called urease

Excellent Absorption Rate: Provide a hard and uniform clumping. Easy to scoop and clean.

Low Dust: Dedusted at 99.9% which is the highest level. Ultra premium quality clay cat litter. Helps the environment to stay clean and fresh too

Clean the entire litter box only after 40 days!

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